Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Fall is a time of reflection and thanksgiving and Gratitude is in the air. Like the shift of the seasons, the early phases of recovery often seem to be filled with change, challenge and chill; and some find it hard to remember that the dormant time of winter is so very essential for growth.

The frigid winter can chill and challenge the remnants of the “old self” with the passing of time and the deeper challenge is to remember that the dormancy of winter is not death. For those without the benefit of being evergreens, the outer appearance is dramatic. Without the fullness and warmth of the summer sun, we can no longer hold on to the leaves and blossoms that shield us from our truth…it’s in this stillness of time that growth and preparation take place.

In the dormant state, the barren tree works the deeply inward process to prepare for the subtle burst of life that is spring. At Gratitude, we not only welcome change, we nurture it. We help those struggling to get through the chill of the winter so that they can celebrate their own personal spring and summer. And even though we have seen some changes in our own program, the treatment and treatment team are as solid as they have been over the last ten years and we are working with Gratitude in every context.

We are grateful for those who allow us the opportunity to do what we do best and we are grateful for the recovery community that supports the continued growth of individuals. The field is ever changing and growing. For the opportunity to walk that journey we are grateful. Amazing, in nature, every season is filled with Gratitude if we only keep looking.

Different name, same faces. We are Gratitude.

Pine Grove’s Gratitude is a program for those suffering from sex addiction, relationship addiction and sexual anorexia. Founded by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., C.A.S., world-renowned speaker, and author on addiction. Dr. Carnes’ 30-task-model serves as the basic curriculum for treatment. The staff on-hand is multi-disciplinary and includes psychiatrists and addictionologists. The Gratitude program consists of two components: A Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and a Residential Treatment Program. Housing and most of our sex rehab treatment services are provided in cottages on the Gratitude campus, located a few miles from the main Pine Grove campus.

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services is an extension of Forrest General Hospital, located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Pine Grove’s world renowned programs focus on treating gender specific chemical addiction including a specialized track for co-occurring eating disorders. Additionally, Pine Grove offers a focused substance abuse healing program for adults age 55 and over. Other Pine Grove specialty programs include a dedicated professional’s treatment curriculum and a comprehensive evaluation center. Pine Grove also features a program for patients with sexual and intimacy disorder issues. Pine Grove was established in 1984 and has provided nationally and internationally recognized health care for over 30 years.

Visit or call 1-888-574-HOPE (4673) for more information.

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